Valhalla Mountain Rising Amulet

Valhalla Mountain Rising Amulet


From the Holy Valhalla Dead Moon Rising Collection.

This necklace of epic proportions features two hand stamped, brass, crescent moon's facing in opposite directions with a rough cut black tormaline bead in between. The opposing directions explain the balance between birth, death and then rebirth, a celebration of how non-linear life truly is. 
Above the moons are three black tourmaline beads connecting them to a brass chain with a deer skin leather braid to rest on the back of the neck and just over the collar bones.

Tourmaline is pyroelectric and piezoelectric, meaning it can obtain electricity or other forms of energy via heat or rubbing, which is why it is often used in electronics. The Dutch have even used it to remove ash from pipes. The same could be said for a human's nervous system and over all emotional health. Negative environments and daily stress can have a very small effect on a person at first, but eventually the build up of negative energies we pick up or have tossed on us through our daily lives will begin to weigh us down and make it difficult to be our best selves and tap into our higher consciousness to achieve what we really want in life. Tourmaline can help with the drawing out of these negative energies just as it helps with the drawing of ash out of pipes. 

Hangs at about 20.5". Moons are just over 2" in width

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